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For hot water you may use any gas fired hot water unit. For chilled water we offer an Ice Bank. Ice Bank is operated throughout the day. Because of the use of Ice Bank, the Refrigeration requirement is reduced quite substantially
and also the costs are reduced.
Mamko is planning subsequently to bring in renewable energy sources to make this plant total independent of the Grid.
  Setting of Tempreature Controlled Curd KETTLES :
  • Process is complete in less time.  
  • Pathogen development is restricted. 
  • Quality of Curd is consistent.
The Kettles are available from 5 Kg to 25 Kg capacities.
Instant Milk Pasteurizing and Chilling Plants

Mamko offer's small Milk Processing Plants. These are useful where Milk Production is between 10 to 40 kL per shift. Milk Processing in small dairies is required twice a day; once in the Morning and once in the Evening. The processing is done for about 2 hrs.


  Mamko has developed a super Fruit Pulper. It is compact and very effective for pulping. It can handle any fruits such as Mango, Custard Apple, Pineapple, Guava etc.